June 21, 2012 | Posted in:Family, Humor, Shipping

Nope, haven’t forgotten about the blog….just been very busy inside and outside the garage.

1) Reorganizing the shop. It’s been….Interesting. Let’s just say that we have the proverbial 5-pound sack for 10 pounds of, well, you know. Before I even think about getting another car, I need to have everything in order or I WILL pull my hair out. I have been even more inclined to give good deals on big items just to get them out of my hair 🙂 But read my next bullet point before buying one.

2) Making shipping exceptions on eBay. Always an adventure. When I post something as “Local Pickup ONLY” or specify that it will be shipped via Greyhound Package Xpress, there is probably a good reason for it. Size matters, for one. Shipping large items, even if they are very light, can be a PITA if you have to build a custom box for it. I don’t ship used gas tanks. Also, I usually don’t ship glass unless it will fit into a standard-size moving box and can be shipped via USPS or FedEx. What happens every so often is that we get these literacy-challenged customers who not only overlook this very important part of the item description, but then get impatient when it takes some time to accommodate THEIR unique-snowflake exception. Really, I *don’t* make the shipping rules and I can’t bend them for you. If I get a really out-there request (can you ship a glass hatch marked local pickup only? and by the way, can you remove the aftermarket tint first even though you sell items as-is?) it could take days to chase everything down.

3) New business cards are in. I love VistaPrint. Plus, I even got some matching t-shirts for the special people in my life. I send them out with every eBay shipment, along with a surprise. Next goal – give our website a makeover.

In non-car related news, we got a kitten. We adopted it (or maybe we adopted each other) after the family of stray cats living under the porch moved on, except for one orange and white kitten. Butterscotch is adorable. How I had forgotten that kitten cuteness is God’s way of making up for their pain in the butt tendencies 🙂 I have to hand it to him….he stole a treat from under Spanky’s 20-lb chubby beast nose.

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