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Now that we paid off our truck, we decided to get a PT Cruiser as a daily driver. It’s been a nice comfortable car, good on gas, and surprisingly roomy….so when we saw a non-running PT Cruiser in our area on Craigslist, we thought “This could be interesting.” We recently sold a 1985 Mazda RX-7 and had some extra money to spend.

Of course, it was too nice to tear apart. (This happens to us a lot!) We thought we would play around with it, because we were told that the car ran before having some minor maintenance done. A broken ground repaired here, a sensor replaced there, and the OBD code scanner still throwing all sorts of strange codes. Puzzled, we turned to the oracle in Google. What happened? Well, the crankshaft position sensor (CKP) and the ignition coil plug have same form factor connection, come from same leg of the wiring harness, and branch out of the same place. The CKP and the ignition coil plug were plugged into each other’s outlet. I could kiss the person who made a forum post about this, because now the car runs.

Next up on our agenda: getting rid of the old, nasty gasoline in the tank and fixing the stuck thermostat.

In other news, we parted out the 1984 Corvette that was plagued by extreme rust issues. We are in the process of listing the parts on eBay at http://stores.ebay.com/sportscarsalvage. The car ran strong and most of the body panels were in good shape. Visit us on eBay or contact us through our SportsCarSalvage.us website if interested in any parts. I am glad that the person who owned this car before us did NOT make it into a race car as planned. The frame would have snapped in half the first time he wrecked, plus the fuel lines were nearly corroded through….it would have made for an ugly situation.


Welcome to Sports Car Salvage. We are a niche hobbyist sports car dismantler located in Northeast Ohio, selling parts for C4 & C5 Corvettes, Mazda Miatas, and other sports and performance cars. We also restore diamonds in the rough. Let us help you with your restoration project.

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