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My New Year’s Resolution is to do something positive for my business every day. (The obligatory “want to lose a few pounds” will come from wrangling Corvette parts.)


New Projects

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OK…So we’ve relisted the RX-7 that has been featured in this blog before – it’s on eBay for only a few more hours.

We also have a YouTube video of us driving this car all over the parking lot.

Earlier this week, we picked up a 1985 Pontiac Fiero. Pictures forthcoming after doing a little work on it. I’m currently going over this with rubbing compound to see what I can do with this paint. After installing the fuel pump we bought, and maybe another battery, we’ll try it again. Who knows, it might just start up! It was something that the previous owner had moved away from, plus it was taking up room in his driveway, so we found this match made in heaven on Craigslist.

The 1985 RX-7 had some carburetor issues, so we had it rebuilt (Thanks, Ron!) and are now working with the car now that it actually starts. Here’s hoping that a few small hose clamps will resolve the vacuum leaks and get things on the right track. EDIT: We got all of the vacuum leaks sorted out and it runs much better now.