Preparing for the holidays

November 27, 2011 | Posted in Family, Uncategorized | By

The holiday season is upon us. We’ll still be at the garage, but will be slowing things down a bit until after the 1st of the year. (Don’t worry, Sports Car Salvage is not going ANYWHERE!)

It’s important to spend time with family this Christmas. Last year, we were faced with a family member’s battle with lung cancer, which ended on December 22nd, 2010, after contracting MRSA pneumonia. Our LilBear had come up on the morning of the 22nd from her mother’s house to stay with us for her Christmas break, and losing her grandfather was a huge blow for her.

Now that the business is growing, and we’re not dealing with any illness, death, or relocation, we can make this holiday much nicer for her. We have some trips planned on her weekend visits (like the Polar Express!) plus she will be with us for a couple of weeks until school starts back up.

  • We also plan on participating in some Christmas activities in the community. Some of these are our typical gift-giving to local churches for children in need and the like. Some of the others….well, those are a surprise and I can’t spill the beans yet.

    But don’t fret, because we will still be active in the business. I’m aiming to do more administrative-type stuff that I can complete from my home office during that time. While digging out Christmas decorations and the like, I found some interesting miscellaneous stuff that I can list on eBay. Plus, I plan on working more on the Internet marketing side of things. Long story short, I plan on dedicating the same amount of time to the business – just focusing on different areas.


    Oops, I did it again…

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    The majority of the cars we’ve bought lately have ended up being too nice to part out. Today’s is no exception.

    We bought a 1987 C4 Corvette from Georgia this past week, which we had delivered earlier today. It’s teal with a matching interior (The 80s look will be all the rage on Barrett Jackson in 20 years.) We were told that it was in rough shape. It needs some work, but is much nicer than we were expecting.

    It hasn’t been wrecked. This is a rarity in and of itself….do you have any idea how many front passenger-side hits we’ve encountered in this line of work? 🙂 Plus, all of the pieces parts are there, including the Torx wrench for removing the targa top.

    It’s had some rather, um, “interesting” paint modifications done. We had Johnna wash the car in hopes of her finding pink paint underneath. Just kidding! No Barbie pink here, but I did acquire a nice helper out of the deal 😉 (A video is forthcoming)

    Johnna is washing a teal 1987 Corvette to find the pink one lurking underneath. She believed our joke for a full 5 seconds.

    In every Corvette lurks a pink Cadillac waiting to leap out....or not.


    Time for a little slow-down…

    March 10, 2011 | Posted in Family, Humor, Travel Stories | By

    After burning up the miles between Akron and Rochester Hills, MI, including a lovely trip down Telegraph Road (US 24) through the western suburbs of the Big Daytwa, we’re going to take a few days to have our munchkin up from her mother’s place in Dayton.

    Lil Bear helps around the shop, swings a mean broom, and thinks all cars should be Barbie Pink (she’s 8.something,) and gets emotionally attached to cars. In other words, a little car princess. 🙂

    So it’s gonna be a chill-out, visit, enjoy loved ones kinda-weekend. We hope you get the chance to do the same!

    After the nerve-wracking trip down to Columbus and back to get her, that is. O_O

    Johnna and Spanky

    LilBear torments BigCat 🙂