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The pizza my husband and I ordered a few nights ago must have been sprinkled with an extra layer of fairy dust, or something. We both had the most off-the-wall dreams.

I joked that day on Facebook that a shrink-wrapped combo of WD-40 and duct tape would be a good giveaway item to include in our outgoing shipments. We make sure to send out a free goodie with each package – Hot Wheels, postcards, cleaning supplies, and other car-related surprises. Some people have commented, both on Facebook and eBay, how tickled they are by what they got. “It’s like opening a box of cereal and finding the toy inside!” I love when something so simple makes somebody’s day like that.

Cue up my oddball dream…

A father had bought something from us on eBay for his teenaged son, who was working on a project car so it would be ready for him to drive when he was old enough. I thought, “hmmm, a younger guy – I have something with Perry the Platypus on it! I’ll throw that in the package. Plus, I have some cute Perry stickers I can put on the box.” (For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE Perry the Platypus!) But, when I mentioned it in passing to the dad, I found out that his son despised Perry the Platypus and most cartoons, thinking they were too babyish.

Oops! I then made a long and winding trip to this person’s hometown, trying to intercept the package before it was delivered. Except it was in one of those towns where everyone looks at you cross-eyed because you’re not from there, and even the way you talk rubs people the wrong way. (I’ve lived in a few of those kinds of places in my life. It truly IS the stuff of nightmares!) I finally found it in at the customer’s workplace. It had been delivered before he showed up to work, so I did a quick switcheroo and saved the day. I was hugging the box to my chest when I woke up….to a cat sleeping on my chest.

This is how much I want people to be satisfied with what we ship out. I take as many pictures as I can and add as much detail to the listings as possible. If a problem arises, I also want to find out what I can do to solve it for you. If you ever have any problems, feel free to contact us at any time.


Welcome to Sports Car Salvage. We are a niche hobbyist sports car dismantler located in Northeast Ohio, selling parts for C4 & C5 Corvettes, Mazda Miatas, and other sports and performance cars. We also restore diamonds in the rough. Let us help you with your restoration project.

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