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Thanks to a couple of friends (one who we got building materials from, the other who helped build shelves out of it) I’ve managed to get two pallets of side view mirrors organized, plus a truckload of boxes. I should add that I feel about as much joy and excitement about acquiring boxes as my cats do! *PURR* It’s also nice to have the middle garage bay free again so that I can pull the truck in if needed. (Well, mostly…does anybody need a Jeep engine or transmission? LOL)

I accomplished this feat in time to start getting in more assorted car parts. Right now I’m working on listing different kinds of headlights, tail lights, marker lights, and fog lights. I should be getting some more of those in later this week, plus some other items. The best part is that these have all been tested good before being delivered.

We primarily buy and sell on eBay, but did you know that we have our listings on JustParts.com as well? Click the link to view our inventory there. This is a relatively new interface for us. Our JustParts listings refresh several times a week from our eBay inventory. Sign up for email alerts when new items become available.

Welcome to Sports Car Salvage. We are a niche hobbyist sports car dismantler located in Northeast Ohio, selling parts for C4 & C5 Corvettes, Mazda Miatas, and other sports and performance cars. We also restore diamonds in the rough. Let us help you with your restoration project.

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