February 20, 2012 | Posted in:Corvettes, Mazda

We wanted to get some quick cash through the business, so we picked up an Acura Integra for $350 and are going to finish taking it apart over the next day or two. The engine, transmission, and wiring harness are spoken for, but the car is complete otherwise. NICE interior…other than smelling of Axe Body Spray 🙂 Body is mostly in good shape. We started listing the items we’ve taken off on eBay. Best of all, I don’t have to switch between metric and standard tools. Those of you dealing with C4 Corvettes can feel my pain, I’m sure.

Still working at the 1984 Corvette and the 1985 Rx-7. Have I mentioned how much I can’t stand half-assed “fixes” lately? If not, here it is. If I reached for a sawzall, torches, or a drill every time I couldn’t immediately figure out how to get something in or around something else, I’d have cars that looked like Swiss cheese. It may be the easy way at the time, but I’ve seen these decidedly non-factory cuts and holes get rusty and start falling apart, or wiring harnesses that look like a fire waiting to happen. These kinds of repairs can make things suck worse in the long run. Let’s not get started on not paying attention to mundane but necessary details, like, oh, I dunno….tightening up lug nuts before moving a car around. Grrrr.

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