Yellow Ribbon Fund: Why We Donate

October 30, 2011 | Posted in Family | By

For those of you that follow our Sports Car Salvage eBay store, you may have noticed that a select number of our eBay listings donate a portion of the proceeds to the Yellow Ribbon Fund through eBay’s Giving Works.

Yellow Ribbon Fund, founded in 2005, assists injured service members and their families. The mission began when the organization’s volunteers learned of needs not met by other donors. Yellow Ribbon Fund provides transportation, lodging, job mentoring, and assistance for families and caregivers. We at Sports Car Salvage chose this organization because we have friends and family who have served in the military, some of whom have been badly injured in the line of duty. We believe there should be no such thing as a “Homeless Veteran” in the United States. Unfortunately, have seen too many service members who bravely served but are marginalized by society after being injured.

I, for one, am especially pleased that Yellow Ribbon Fund assists family members and caregivers of wounded service members. Family caregivers encounter many obstacles on the road to recovery. Financial costs include dipping into savings, opting for a part-time job or leaving the workforce altogether, and incurring hefty medical bills. The emotional costs are harder to quantify, but still as significant – depression and anxiety, for one. YRF’s Family Caregiver program aims to acknowledge the value of family members and caregivers.

To learn more, check out today.


It is almost C4 parts time, folks!

June 6, 2011 | Posted in Corvettes, Humor, Mazda | By

We’re down to 3 parts to remove from the 1990 Miata (Engine/Transmisison, wiring harness and seat belts.)  This means it’s time for the 1987 Chevrolet C4 Corvette to be torn down, which has begun.  We’re starting to put the parts on our eBay store and are going to get this torn down a wee bit faster than previous cars.  Lots of good parts on this, including the bonnet and hard-to-find passenger right front items.  We’ll also be selling the complete suspension and frame with a title and VIN tag for those looking for a project platform!

We’ve also hit 100 Facebook friends this week, which makes us happy!  If you all would be so kind as to spread the work it’ll spread like the old shampoo commercials!

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Thanks for your support, folks!


Stop….Mazda Time!

April 10, 2011 | Posted in Corvettes, Mazda, Travel Stories | By

So, this past week has been extremely productive.

A black RX-7 we found locally for a great price. It will be a fun restoration project for us!

ZOOM ZOOM (pop pop pop)

We started out our road trip to pick up a gas tank (can’t ship those!) and some other parts to restore this FB RX-7 with. Then we headed to load up our truck with an assortment C3 and C5 Corvette items. (Thank God for cargo nets.)

This 1990 Miata will be parted out and the parts will be featured on eBay.

This 1990 Miata will be parted out and the parts will be featured on eBay.

After acquiring the RX-7 and Corvette parts, we picked up a 1990 Mazda Miata. It runs! It drives! I had way too much fun driving it around our shop parking lot. This one will be parted out and the parts sold on eBay.


Extreme Makeover Ebay Edition

March 13, 2011 | Posted in Uncategorized | By

After making some changes to our SportsCarSalvage eBay store and terms and conditions, we decided it was time to update the listings. Not only will all of our new listings have a fresh new look, but they will also link to our updated eBay terms and conditions page.

But wait, there’s more! Check out our latest updates to the SportsCarSalvage Facebook page and our company website.


New C3 parts car

February 22, 2011 | Posted in Corvettes | By

Now that we know our ’77 orange beastie runs, it’s time to make it pretty. We’ll be picking up another C3 with the front clip and doors we want (plus some other items), and the rest will be listed on eBay. After posting on the Mid America Motorworks Facebook page, we got some pointers on a few things to look for. Very helpful stuff!

In other news, I recently stopped by Summit Racing. (Warning: May be hazardous to your wallet’s health.) This was on the same day that we separated all of the transmission and suspension parts from a C5. While waiting in line, their TV featured a guy doing – you guessed it – the same kind of thing. He didn’t have a speck of dirt on him OR the floor, nor did he have any scratches on his hands. And they say supermodels are photoshopped!


Valentine’s Day Sale

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Enjoy 14% off through 2/14 at our Sports Car Salvage eBay store.

More humorous pictures and videos to come – we’ll be spending more time on the ’77 orange beast and our C5.