saves the day again!

February 24, 2014 | Posted in Shop Time | By

Isn’t just great? We ordered this this flex hone yesterday:

1-7/8″ (48MM) Flex Hone 320 Grit Aluminum Oxide

The best part is that it was mostly paid for via pocket change. What we do is collect up change (Some of the cars I’ve parted out have had several dollars worth!) and then redeem it for gift certificates at the local CoinStar machine. Unlike redeeming for cash, gift certificate redemption does not charge a percentage of every dollar. Perfect!

The hone should arrive within a few days. It’s one step closer to getting a 1997 Suzuki RM80 back on the road.

Stock photo of 1997 Suzuki RM80

Stock photo of 1997 Suzuki RM80

This is our next project. It came to us on a trade right before dirtbike weather ended, along with a companion parts bike. The extra parts and accessories from that bike, plus some tooling, should get the RM80 back on the road….er, dirt…in no time. It will then be for sale or trade for other interesting items.

In the meantime, I will be wrapping up some other projects so I can have a full garage bay to dedicate to putting the bike back together.